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Separator Engineering Ltd.

, was founded in 1956, to sell process equipment, initially screeners, plate and spiral heat exchangers and centrifuges to the chemical and allied industries. Started to design and manufacture Kason Vibroscreens in 1961 and has since extended Kason process equipment manufacturing to USA, Britain and, through licensees, several locations abroad including Australia.

Most of the machines that we sell are customized to meet specific requirements. Our team of application engineers, sales and technical support departments are committed to customer satisfaction.

Separator Engineering maintains manufacturing and technical sales & support facilities in St. Laurent, Quebec as well as technical sales and support office in Scarborough, Ontario. We use latest technologies in our test and engineering departments for process development and evaluation.
  Separator Engineering Ltd., - Kason Products

Kason manufactures: Vibratory, centrifugal, and static screening equipment for solids/solids and liquid/solids separations; and circular vibratory fluid bed dryers, agglomerators.

Vibratory Screeners

for sifting, scalping, classifying, delumping, and dewatering of bulk solids and slurries.

Centrifugal Screeners

for sifting, scalping, delumping and dewatering of bulk solids and slurries.

Cross-Flo Static Sieves
for scalping coarse, free-flowing solids, or removing solids from waste streams at ultra-high rates.

Fluid Bed Dryers,
Coolers and Moisturizers

for high-efficency drying, cooling or moisturing of bulk materials at low cost.

  Separator Engineering Ltd. - K-Tron International Products

K-Tron International companies provide material handling equipment, systems and services to a wide variety of industries, including the plastics, food, chemical, detergent, pharmaceutical, electric utility and paper and pulp industries. K-Tron’s customers include many of the largest companies in their fields as well as numerous other multinational, regional and local businesses.

  Separator Engineering Ltd. - Sturtevant® Products

Sturtevant® is manufacturer of materials processing equipment, including crushers, fine grinders and air classifiers. Since 1883, the company has provided processing solutions to the chemical, pharmaceutical, foods and mineral processing industries.

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